Job Networking in Grand Rapids, MI

What is a Pink Slip Party?

A Pink Slip Party is a social gathering for those that are seeking new opportunities. It started a long time ago when it was customary for employers to hand out “pink slips” to employees when they are being laid-off or fired. The party’s were originally a way to let off steam, now they have evolved to include employers who are looking for skilled employees. There was a resurgence of Pink Slip Parties during the dot com bubble and more recently during the recent economic downturn.

Why Should I Attend?

A Pink Slip Party is an excellent networking opportunity for job seekers to meet employers face-to-face and other job seekers and learn what opportunities are available and maybe help someone else find a job. Also, learn to improve your personal networking skills and prepare yourself for the job market.

Why Sign up?

There are a few reasons for signing up. When you arrive at the event, we will have a name tag printed and ready to go. Just look for the table with the name tags laid out, find your name tag and start networking. By registering in advance, we will know how many people to plan for (enough beverages and food). So we can inform you about upcoming events.

What’s the Cost?

It is a free event to job seekers and employers. We do ask for sponsors, but just enough to cover our expenses.

Be Bold

Remember, the Pink Slip Party is a networking event and not a job fair. There will be a few sponsors with reserved tables; however, most of your communications will be face to face with employers and other job seekers. Take it on yourself to get out there and introduce yourself. You never know who will give you a connection to your next job. Several of our job seekers were hired after these events and became hiring managers. Don’t discount a tip from a fellow job seeker… it could be just what you need.

Should I Bring Resumes?

Yes, but not too many. Your resume should only be given to employers likely to actually hire you. Bring a few along and give them to employers that want them. This is a networking event and your main goal should be to talk to people and find out about possible jobs that fit what you’re looking for.

Send your resume to and we will make it available to registered employers.

Drinking at a job fair?

This is NOT a Job Fair! Yes beverages and food will be available… for a cost (no profit for us). Tipping a couple is completely acceptable at a social networking event, just don’t get carried away or CARRIED OUT.

Will I get Hired?

We certainly hope so, but don’t be disappointed if you’re not. Some have been hired at PSP’s but not immediately. Keep your ears and options open, you’re looking for leads. Don’t be shy about sharing job information you may have, you may help someone else find their dream job.